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You are invited to explore the following internet links to learn more about Latvia, its people, culture, history, and natural environment. Please contact us should you have a suggestion for additional sites we can feature on the links page.

Art and Culture:

Latvian Institute -
Guide to Latvian Museums -
Latvian Material Culture -
Latvian National Opera -
Music in Latvia -
Folksong Festival & Cultural Guide -
Art Nouveau Architecture of Riga -
AmberSea Art Gallery -
Traditional Latvian Foods -
Latvian Cinema -
Calendar of 2006 Cultural Events in Latvia -

History of Latvia:

National History Museum of Latvia -
Latvian Institute History Profile -
Library of Congress Country Studies Profile -
Historical Overview -
Occupation Museum of Latvia -
History, Geography & Society -
Teutonic/Germanic Knights -
Historical Timeline -
Jewish History of Latvia -
Virtual Jewish History Tour of Latvia -

General Information:

US Department of State Profile -
BBC Latvia Profile -
CIA Factbook: Latvia -
National Symbols of Latvia -
Latvian Resources Online -
Latvia Facts -
Welcome to Latvia -
The Livonian People -
Encarta: Latvia Profile -
Latvia & Latvian Heritage -

Latvian Language:

Latvian Language -
Greetings and Phrases -
Business Terms -
Learn Latvian -
Online Latvian-English Dictionary -
Latvian Language Facts -
Babblefish Translator -
Baltic Language Computer Software -


American-Latvian Association -
American-Latvian Youth Association -
World Federation of Free Latvians -
Latvians Online -
Baltic-American Freedom League -
Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies -


University of Latvia -
Latvian Academy of Sciences -
Baltic Institute Summer School -
U of Washington Latvian Studies -
Kent State U Latvian Studies -
U of Wisconsin Latvian/Baltic Studies -
U of Minnesota Fellowship in Latvian-American Studies -

Latvian Communities in the US & Canada:

Chicago Latvians -
Indianapolis Latvians -
Michigan Latvians -
New York Latvians -
Northern California Latvians -
Toronto, Canada Latvians -
Florida Latvians -
Weekly online journal for US & Canadian Latvians -

Latvian Television:

Latvian State Television -
TV Broadcasts From Latvia: Eurosports; STV; TV 24 news (you will need Windows MediaPlayer software) -
TV 5 Live Feed (you will need Windows Media Player software) - mms://
LNT (Independent) TV -
Archive of TV Broadcasts -

Latvian Radio:

Latvian State Radio: "Radio Latvia" -
Live Radio from Latvia -
9 Radio Stations from Latvia -
21 Live Radio Stations from Latvia -

Latvian Newspapers & Magazines:

Diena News Daily -
Baltic Times (in English) -
Daily Newspaper Online -
Rigas Laiks Monthly Magazine -
Links to Latvian Newspapers -
News/Media Links -
News Links by City/Region -

Investing and Doing Business in Latvia:

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia -
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry -
Latvian Import/Export Directory -
Statistical Bureau of Latvia -
American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia -
World Bank Latvia Economic Profile -